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Mozart Joue a domicile

De passage a Vienne, La plus ancienne salle de musique de la ville

Le son ( l acoustique) est tres bon, l ecoute a la meme distance que mes enceintes a la maison.

The "Concerts in the Mozart house" take place in the oldest concert hall in Vienna where Mozart used to work and play for Bishop Colloredo in 1781. Mozart lived in this house in the year 1781 from 16. march to 2 may.

The Sala Terrena with its beautiful vault, is situated on the ground floor next to the church and the sacristy. It was designed and painted in the second half of the eighteenth century in late Renaissance Venetian style in the reign of the Land Commander Carl Borromäus Count Colloredo Waldsee (Land Cammander from 1764 - 1786).

The grotesque scenes, the scenes of baroque sensuality, the floral paintings and the animal scenes give evidence of the purpose of this hall, as a place of pleasure for body and soul. The famous Viennese popular figure "der liebe Augustin" is also depicted here.

In the course of the renovation of this hall, it became evident that this is the oldest part of the building. Fragments of gothic frescos were fond and this seems to confirm the tradition that even before the Holy Cross had existed there.

"Il faut avoir une grande musique en soi si l'on veut faire danser la vie." Friedrich Nietzsche “
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